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Drywall vs Hockey Puck: Who Wins?

Drywall vs Hockey Puck: Who Wins?

A lot of people think drywall is boring, but we’d wager that those people have never fired hockey pucks at it.

HGTV’s Scott McGillivray recently put Habito Drywall to the test, firing wrist shot after wrist shot into it. How’d it hold up? See for yourself.

That’s not a bad wrist shot McGillivray has, and Habito shrugs off each attempt with ease.

Habito has plenty of fun with its own brand, if this video is any indication. The product has quickly made a name for itself by being a reliable drywall solution in high-traffic areas susceptible to bumps, such as hospitals, nursing homes, apartment complexes and, of course, playrooms. It’s strength will hold a 30 lb screw without an anchor, and it holds paint like regular drywall, nothing special is required.

We love finding and celebrating innovation in our industry. So Habito, we salute you.

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