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Easy $20 DIY Wallpaper Fix

Easy $20 DIY Wallpaper Fix

Here at the Finishing Solutions Network, we specialize in finding you the right person for the job, from our group of vetted and professional contractors. But we also love a good DIY project. When it comes to work around the house, wallpaper is often in need of a touch-up. If your wallpaper has come loose or is torn, here’s how to get it looking good as new.

Repairing Rips, Tears and Seams

What you’ll need
Cellulose sponge, putty knife, seam adhesive, roller. The whole kit & caboodle should cost around $20 to $30 if you buy everything new.

Step 1: Dampen the loose edge or seam.
Grab your moist cellulose sponge and give the wallpaper a quick shot of water. Doing this loosens the adhesive.

Step 2: Lift the loose edge.
Next, take your putty knife and lift up the wallpaper.

Step 3: Apply the seam adhesive.
Squeeze just enough to coat the wallpaper edge, seam, or tear. Be careful about applying too much; you don’t want to get drips. Give it about 15 minutes to dry.

Step 4: Roll it out.
Grab the dry roller and gently roll over the repaired area. You want to make sure you don’t press too hard, as pressure could flatten the embossed or textured design of some wall coverings.

Step 5: Wipe off excess.
Take your damp sponge again and remove any extra adhesive you see.

Removing wallpaper bubbles
If unsightly wallpaper bubbles are your concern, these are an even easier fix:

Step 1: Take a utility knife and open the bubble with a cross cut, making an “x” or “t” shape.

Step 2: Open the four leaves of the cut and dab a bit of white glue with a small brush.

Step 3: Grab your sponge and smooth the four leaves back into place. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly.

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