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Elevating Drywall to the Level of Fine Art

Elevating Drywall to the Level of Fine Art

At FSN, we know plenty of drywall professionals that are considered artists at their craft. Seemingly effortlessly, they create incredibly smooth, clean surfaces, sometimes even adding decorative features like crown molding or wainscoting for texture and depth when requested. But there are a group of contractors that are taking the idea of drywall as art quite literally. The result is stunning 3D murals that could easily grace the wall of any museum.

Bernie Mitchell began experimenting with drywall in the early 1990s. He started by playing with raised surfaces and light. Today, his pieces have evolved into everlasting works of art that demonstrate his extraordinary creativity.

Although he offers tutorials for DIY, for results like this in your home or business, your best bet might be to contact a professional!

Check out these samples and watch Bernie make walls come to life with just a little joint compound.


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