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FSN Podcast, Episode 4: Fix What Winter Destroyed

FSN Podcast, Episode 4: Fix What Winter Destroyed

We are excited to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring! Now, it’s time to take a look at the damage a subzero Mother Nature did to your building and decide what repairs should be done now rather than later. After all, fixing a small issue now is much easier than fixing a big issue later.

Let Steve walk you through his spring exterior checklist in episode 4 of the Finishing Solutions Network podcast. Listen below:


  • Walls: Pest check
  • Doors: Good locks, good seals
  • Windows: Good seals, hinges, weather stripping
  • Roof: Secure flashing, clean vents
  • Electrical: Good covers
  • Faucets: Leak-free
  • Trash cans: Securely fastened
  • Dumpsters:
  • Lighting: Good bulbs, contained wires
  • Cameras: Securely fastened, clean lenses
  • Fences/Gates: Good condition
  • Parking lot: No potholes, visible lines
  • Landscaping: Budding plants, good sprinklers

Remember, if you have a sizable spring to-do list, the Finishing Solutions Network connects you with the perfect contractor for the job. Talk to us today about your finishing needs this season.

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