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How To Choose the Right Paint Finish

How To Choose the Right Paint Finish

There are a ton of finishing factors to consider as you choose the right paint for your project. What room are you painting? What’s the surface made of? Do you want a paint that’s easy to touch up or easy to clean?

At the Finishing Solutions Network, we know paint. As it turns out, there are five different finishing types to consider—all with different benefits. Here’s a breakdown that should help you make the right choice before you put brush to wall.


Best use: On walls with many imperfections. Also works well on ceilings, bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms. Do not use in kitchens or bathrooms.

Review: Flat or matte finishes are easy to touch up, but hard to clean. Premium flat paint, such as Benjamin Moore Regal Matte Finish or Sherwin Williams Duration Home Matte Finish, is specially formulated to be easier to clean.


Best use: Living room or bedroom walls. Eggshell’s low-sheen finish looks great in those rooms. Do not use eggshell in high-traffic areas (like hallways) because its finish mars easily.

Review: While delicate, eggshell has a washable finish and is easy to touch up; making it a nice compromise between finish options.


Best use: On woodwork. Also works well in kitchens and bathrooms.

Review: With a silky, pearl-like sheen, satin adds warmth to rooms that welcome it. It’s highly washable, but difficult to touch up because of how visible sheen differences are.


Best use: On trim and moldings. Like satin, semigloss works well in kitchens and bathrooms thanks to its resistance to humidity.

Review: Quite similar to satin. Semigloss is easy to clean and durable—it easily withstands stains, chipping, and scuffing. It’s the most scrubbable sheen for walls, but touch-ups are difficult.


Best use: Not on walls! It displays imperfections without remorse. Instead, use it on woodwork, trim, moldings, and any surface that is truly smooth.

Review: It’s the most durable finish and the easiest to clean, but touch-ups are supremely difficult with gloss.


Each of these finishes has its benefits and drawbacks. Consider the project at hand, then factor how important things like touch-ups, washability, and durability are to you. With these facts at your disposal, you’ll choose the right paint finish every time.

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