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How to Pick the Right Paint Color

How to Pick the Right Paint Color

The human eye sees millions of colors. Your wall needs one or two colors, and you want them to be perfect.


Not to worry. At the Finishing Solutions Network, we know paint. Here are some ways to pick the right paint color for your project.

Don’t decide in-store.
We’d wager your room looks nothing like a massive home improvement warehouse. Grab the color card you like and stick it on the wall to see how it plays with your room’s lighting.

Audition a color.
By investing in a pint of paint and applying the color on a 2’ x 2’ piece of foam board, you can move it around your room and see how it works with changing light. Most manufacturers now even offer a color sample in smaller quantities.

Embrace experimentation.
You probably won’t find the perfect color on the first try. Test, test, and test some more. Choose a few favorite colors of yours and see how they translate to your project.

Match colors.
Bring in a piece of fabric, carpeting, wallpaper, or anything that’s at least a half-inch square, flat, and a uniform color. The store can have paint custom mixed to match the color at no extra charge.

Decide what the room will be used for.
Do you want it to bubble over with social activity? Warmer and brighter colors are great. Will the room be a place for quiet and relaxation? Soft, cool neutrals will work perfectly.

Consider the other rooms.
Think of your journey from room to room as one cohesive journey. Do the paint colors transition smoothly, or is the change abrupt and jarring?

Choose the right paint finish.
Eggshell, matte, satin, and semigloss all have different traits. Which is right for your project? Wouldn’t you know it, we happen to have an in-depth guide on the subject.

Trust your gut.
After experimenting, taking your time, and considering your space, the best way to make the final call is to trust your gut. Chances are you’ll love it. And even if you don’t, the beautiful part about paint is that you can always repaint.

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