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Quick, Easy DIY Drywall Repair

Quick, Easy DIY Drywall Repair

drywall-hole-1000pxMaybe your kid wanted to see how hard he could throw that baseball. Maybe a recent party was, quite literally, a smashing success. Whatever the reason, there’s now a big, ugly hole in the drywall.

Luckily, patching it up takes a few items and a mere hour or two of your time. We at the Finishing Solutions Network are drywall junkies, and this is how we handle quick DIY drywall repair.

What you need
A small putty knife, 3M Patch Plus Primer, paint, and sandpaper. If you need to buy everything, expect to spend around $50.


Get to work
Start by removing any loose drywall. Then, fill the hole with that miraculous all-in-one spackling and primer compound. After that, sand it to match the rest of the drywall and repaint the entire wall, corner to corner.

Still having trouble?
FSN is here to hook you up with the perfect fit contractor. Contact us anytime!

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