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Architects, Designers & Engineers

WE MAKE YOUR PLANS A REALITY. Bid Evolution contractors have completed projects of all scopes and sizes. Yours is next.

“We are an Illinois based network of Painting, Drywall & Glass Commercial & Industrial Contractors. We make sure you get the Best Quality work at a Fair Price!”

Smooth Work, Done to Spec

Our trained and qualified contractors meet your specs on every part of the project, including LEED. They’ve completed work on office spaces, hospitals, research facilities, universities, energy plants, landmarks, bridges, water towers and a whole lot more.


At Bid Evolution, our contractors follow MPI, SSPC and NACE standards. Don’t waste your time trying to explain these acronyms and specs to vendors who don’t take the time to know and understand their importance. It’s never even a question with Bid Evolution contractors, who embrace the complexities of the design phase.