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NEVER SCRAMBLE TO FIND A RELIABLE VENDOR AGAIN. Bid Evolution is your contractor finder, time saver and headache eliminator.

“We are an Illinois based network of Painting, Drywall & Glass Commercial & Industrial Contractors. We make sure you get the Best Quality work at a Fair Price!”

Does This Sound Like Someone You Know?

Up against a tight schedule. Scrambling to find workers way too often. Wondering why subcontractors can’t submit a darn bid already.


If we just described a good portion of your job, Bid Evolution was tailor made for you. Because the best way to find a great painter, drywaller or glazier is to let someone else take care of it so you can get back to work. Serving public or private projects in retail or office spaces, hotels, hospitals, schools or heavy infrastructure, you name it – we can find an experienced, trained contractor suited for your exact project.


Your time is valuable, and we exist to make sure you have more of it to do the things that build your business.