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Property Managers

FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER. Bid Evolution helps you nail them. Our expert contractors give you smooth walls, clean lines and tight coverings.

“We are an Illinois based network of Painting, Drywall & Glass Commercial & Industrial Contractors. We make sure you get the Best Quality work at a Fair Price!”

Beautiful Space. Happy Tenants.

That’s the dream, isn’t it? Bid Evolution gives you the finished space you need, on time and on budget. Because our contractors are thoroughly vetted and trained, they often work more efficiently and with better quality than “jack-of-all trades” workers or maintenance companies.


The result is saved time and saved money—and a prestine space you and your tenants can take pride in. So don’t gamble on cut-rate options. We understand the unique requirements our contractors may need to work around: work schedules, safety concerns, work areas, tenants, security protocols, and they respect the buildings they work in. This isn’t their first rodeo. Talk to us today about your project’s specifics.


Your time is valuable, and we exist to make sure you have more of it to do the things that build your business.