You are currently viewing FAQ: What Separates Bid Evolution Contractors from the Rest

FAQ: What Separates Bid Evolution Contractors from the Rest

FAQ: What Separates Bid Evolution Contractors from the Rest

Doctors, lawyers, and accountants are a few of the many professionals who are held to uncompromising standards. If they’re serious about their craft, they receive continued education long after getting their degrees.

The finishing industry is no different. When working with paint, drywall, and glass, a great contractor knows to focus on safety and count on his/her training. The end result is quality work that’s done on time and on budget, every time.

For the contractors referred through Bid Evolution, the finishing industry is not just a job with a paycheck. It’s a lifelong, satisfying career they’re immensely proud of.

Get peace of mind from your next finishing contractors.
Bid Evolution is the place that connects you and your project with your Perfect Fit finishing contractor. When we send a contractor recommendation your way, the background screening is already done. Our contractor members are trained, bonded, insured, and experienced in the finishing industry. You simply can’t find this combination of professionalism and productivity. And best of all?

Our services are available at no cost to you.
We have to say this part a lot because people don’t believe it. The customers who need work done don’t pay for the right to talk to contractors. They pay for the work itself. That’s exactly how it works at Bid Evolution.

That means you have two choices.
You can hunt for the right finishing contractor yourself, likely spending a ton of time on the process and ultimately having to guess if the work will go smoothly. Or you can use Bid Evolution. We will send you the Perfect Fit for your project, someone who gets the job done right the first time.

How to find a contractor that’s different from the rest: Use Bid Evolution.
The next time you have a commercial finishing project you need knocked out of the park, talk to us. You have nothing to lose but the headache.