You are currently viewing Perfect Fit™: The Best Way to Find a Commercial Finishing Contractor

Perfect Fit™: The Best Way to Find a Commercial Finishing Contractor

Perfect Fit™: The Best Way to Find a Commercial Finishing Contractor

Meet the system that ensures a successful paint, drywall or glass project.

If you’ve spent any time hunting for a commercial contractor, you’ve probably had questions. Such as: How much experience should your contractor have? What qualifications do you need to look for? How important is safety training?

The fact is trying to find the right contractor on your own is overwhelming. The wrong choice can pile up extra staff-hours and unsafe work sites, but the right choice gets the job done right—on time and on budget.

Here’s how our Perfect System works to find the right finishing contractor for any job:

What exactly is the Perfect Fit System?
A 3-step process that matches your project with a qualified, experienced contractor that fits just right. At no cost and no obligation.

Step 1 is the discovery meeting, conducted in person or over the phone. We outline your project and diagnose your situation. We’ll ask you what skills and materials will be involved, what level of experience and certifications you need, and the size and scope of the project.

It’s an essential step that’s often skipped. When you ask the right questions, you get the right amount of materials and manpower during the project.

Step 2 is something we call the conditions of satisfaction. Here we define your project goals and dig for any potential obstacles. We’ll bring our specialists in on this step, and you should feel free to include stakeholders, construction managers and any others you deem vital to the project.

This step is all about measuring twice and cutting once. We work to anticipate any issues that will arise and solve them before work even begins. Every project is different, and the perfect fit contractor for a world-class healthcare facility may not be the right fit for a school remodel.

Step 3 is the handoff. Armed with our discovery and satisfaction info, we create a shortlist of contractors for you. Out of our roster of hundreds, you’ll be connected to three Perfect Fit contractors. Talk to them in person, get a feel for their experience and work style, and make your selection. A successful project is officially underway!

You don’t have to be an expert to get expert help.
At Bid Evolution, we love taking this daunting task and taking it off your plate entirely. The result is massive savings on two of the things that are most important to success: time and money.

Our contractors have completed all kinds of commercial projects, including office space, hospitals, research facilities, schools, energy plants, landmarks, bridges and water towers, wastewater facilities and shipyards.

Talk to us today about your project.
We’ll kick off the 3-step process and connect you to your Perfect Fit contractor. It’s productivity you can see and experience you can trust.